The SWIMTAG lifecycle explains the ongoing support provided by 222 Sports for all SWIMTAG products and services. We are constantly developing and improving the SWIMTAG platform by rolling out new hardware, software, apps and website updates. Ideas for new features and functionality are provided by users, pool operators, distributors and our in-house development team.


We are continuing to support and update our two main Docking Station software applications.

1. Linux SWIMTAG Docking Station application - published version: 113 available for MK2 and MK3 Club SWIMTAG Systems.
2. Windows SWIMTAG Docking Station application - published version: 1.2.79 available for MK2, MK2.5, MK3 (minimum firmware version 22 & updated bays only) and MK4 Club SWIMTAG Systems.

The latest versions of both applications are automatically downloaded to all active pools. The newer MK4 version of the Club SWIMTAG system can only be used with the Windows Docking Station application.


Linux - For Mk2 and MK3 systems we have used Ubuntu LTS or “Long Term Support” releases which are published every two years. We have rolled out Ubuntu 12.04LTS, 16.04LTS, 18.04LTS and 20.04LTS. Sites have been regularly upgraded during services to the latest release for continued maintenance and security coverage.

Windows - Our newer MK4 Club SWIMTAG systems can be supplied with an Aures Yuno pre-installed by Aures with Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB or Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC. The LTSB or “Long-Term Servicing Branch" and LTSC or “Long-Term Servicing Channel” versions are supported with security updates for 10-years. Aures provide a 3 year warranty on their machines.


SWIMTAG hardware has been regularly updated as new technologies have launched, feedback has been received and our experience has grown. We have now released 4 main versions of Club SWIMTAG system, 8 minor versions of the wristbands, and two versions of the lane displays.

We continue to support and repair older versions of hardware for 3 years from the end of life date where possible. A limited stock of replacement parts such as shells, straps, cases, bays and electronics have been purchased from manufacturers where available. We may be unable to repair some hardware such as MK2 wristbands or MK1 Lane Displays if they have been sealed using resin potting compounds. The majority of hardware can be serviced or repaired. Trade in hardware is reconditioned for use by other sites within the extended support period.

We have also offered all sites the opportunity to update their Club SWIMTAG system at a discounted price with a trade in deal to ensure they have the latest hardware covered by new warranties. Where sites have not taken up a trade in offer and their hardware is out of warranty we have subsidised replacement wristbands or offered reconditioned modules depending on the wristband version. The MK3 and MK4 versions of the wristband both have replaceable batteries.

Used blue wristband straps which are returned to us are recycled by our manufacturing partner. The buckles are removed and the remaining strap and retainer are grinded into pellets before re-injecting the batch into a new wristband strap.

Release Cycle

Launch Date: March 2012
End of Life Date: January 2014
End of Extended Support: December 2017

Launch Date: January 2014
End of Life Date: January 2017
End of Extended Support: December 2020

Launch Date: January 2017
End of Life Date: January 2020
End of Extended Support: January 2024

Launch Date: January 2020
End of Life Date: Est. January 2024
End of Extended Support: Est. January 2028

Lane Display v1:
Launch Date: October 2017
End of Life Date: April 2019
End of Extended Support: April 2022

Lane Display v2:
Launch Date: Est. October 2020
End of Life Date: Not Set
End of Extended Support: Not Set

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