Tobias Degout

Geschäftsführer - Panoramabad Freudenstadt

Mit SWIMTAG bieten wir unseren Kunden einen Mehrwert im Sinne von trainieren, analysieren und motivieren. Vom Kauf bis zur Installation des Systems war die Zusammenarbeit mit SWIMTAG sehr kompetent, unkompliziert und angenehm. Wichtig ist, dass ein solches System für die Nutzer einfach im Handling ist. Dies ist bei SWIMTAG der Fall. Wir erhoffen uns viele Nutzer und wollen das Schwimmen mit SWIMTAG durch Wettbewerbe auch fördern.

Markus Diering

Betriebsleitung - Freizeiteinrichtungen Stadtwerke Herford GmbH

Aufgrund des kundenorientierten Denkens und der innovativen Ideen freuen wir uns sehr über die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team von SWIMTAG.
 Was wir besonders schätzen ist die umfangreiche und qualitativ hochwertige Betreuung. Stets engagiert werden sämtliche Wünsche zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit ausgearbeitet und durchgeführt. Hinter dem System steckt ein toller Motivator, um noch mehr Bahnen zu ziehen.

Dirk Günther

Geschäftsführer - Salztherme Lüneburg SALÜ

Wir haben uns über die Eigenschaften und Möglichkeiten von Swimtag als Produkt informiert und sind neugierig geworden, was dieses System unseren Gästen und uns als Bad Betreiber bieten kann.

Wir erhielten eine gute Präsentation des SWIMTAG-Teams, die uns zu dem Entschluss brachte, in Swimtag zu investieren.

Als Salu Salztherme möchte Lüneburg eine innovative und kreative Freizeitanlage sein, die die Erwartungen der Gäste übertreffen soll.

Da wir unsere Gäste nicht nur zum reinen Schwimmen motivieren wollen, war es naheliegend, dass SWIMTAG ein Teil unseres Angebots für unsere Kunden ist.

SWIMTAG ist mit seiner Benutzerfreundlichkeit ein perfektes Produkt für jeden Bad Betreiber, der einen zusätzlichen Mehrwert für seine Kunden schaffen will.

Unsere Kunden haben uns nach der Markteinführung des Produkts sehr positive Rückmeldungen gegeben und wir können Swimtag als eine gute und gewinnbringende Investition empfehlen

Dieter Vatpe

GeschåftsfOhrender Gesellschafter - PROVA Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Nachdem wir eine Prasentation von SWIMTAG in unserem Freizeitbad erhalten hatten, waren wir begeistert von den Features und dem zusatzlichen Service, den dieses System unseren Gasten bieten konnte.

Aus diesem Grund haben wir uns entschlossen, SWIMTAG 2017 als neues Angebot fur unsere Gaste in der Maximare Erlebnistherme Bad Hamm einzufi.ihren. Wir wollen unseren Gasten immer die besten Motivationsinstrumente bieten, um aktiv zu sein und sind stolz darauf, als erster Badbetreiber in Deutschland SWIMTAG anbieten zu konnen!

Das System hat sich als sehr benutzerfreundlich erwiesen und das Feedback unserer Gaste ist sehr positiv.

Wir mochten auch hinzufi.ig en, dass SWIMTAG als Firma bei allen Anfragen einen hohen Service gezeigt hat und ich kann dieses Produkt zweifellos anderen Schwimmbadern in Deutschland empfehlen.

Glen Heidke

Head of Swimming - Virgin Active

Virgin Active currently utilizes SWIMTAG in thirteen of our UK clubs. What attracted Virgin Active to SWIMTAG was its innovative approach to Swim - this very much in synergy with Virgin Active's core product values.

The clear passion and enthusiasm of Kieran and his team was also key to Virgin Active working with SWIMTAG - they believe in their product and the benefits it provides Virgin Active members. SWIMTAG is a valuable addition to Virgin Active pools as it is a cutting edge offering for our swimming members.

It is easy to use, easy to track performance and the level of follow up service provided by SWIMTAG is second to none. As a regular user of SWIMTAG myself, I recommend it both on a professional and personal level.

Susan Rossetto

Group Health and Wellbeing Manager - Places for People Leisure

SWIMTAG enables us as a pool provider to get more people, more active, more often and gives us accurate reports on usage. It measures duration in the pool, frequency of swims and many more key performance indicators that are valuable for commissioners.

SWIMTAG users are motivated to achieve key targets and are supported along the way by our fitness staff and encouraged by other SWIMTAG users as they become part of an active community both in the pool and online too.


Gary Littlejohn

General Manager - Tonbridge Swimming Pool

In our industry we buy lots of products to boost income or aid retention, but I have found few that have had the same impact as SWIMTAG. It has generated real interest from our members and in the first 6 months we had over 200 people register and using the wristbands as part of their fitness programme. It has also produced new members through our introductory trials.

I can’t speak highly enough of the support we receive from 222 Sports. They really believe in their product and do all they can to help us operators succeed. They help with install, put together challenges and issue invites and are always looking to improve and update the experience for swimmers. They are happy to visit site at any time to help get the customer experience right.

SWIMTAG has helped revitalise fitness swimming at our site and I can highly recommend it to any pool operator.


Thomas McCowan

Inverclyde Leisure

Inverclyde Leisure became the first local authority in Scotland to have SWIMTAG installed which generated a lot of excitement from both staff and customers alike resulting in our Active Swim memberships rising by 39.39% since SWIMTAG was introduced in April 2015 at the Waterfront Leisure Complex.

As well as the different features such as recording of lengths, time of swim etc. a really popular feature is the swim challenges already set up for customers which keeps them motivated and drives them to swim for longer and more often.

In the 18 months we have had great feedback from our customers regarding the online help that they have received.

Inverclyde Leisure would highly recommend SWIMTAG as a product and also Colin and the team who have been extremely professional, responsive and proactive in ensuring our needs have been met.


Wendy Wallace

Director Westwoods Health Club

When we first heard about SWIMTAG, we were very excited by the concept, because we felt that it would bring the customer service levels offered to our swimmers, up to the very high levels we were already offering to our gym and class users.

We became the first pool in Scotland to install it and the feedback from the members was fantastic. The competitions and challenges reinvigorated our swimmers and the support we received from SWIMTAG was first class, particularly when they helped us set up a sponsored "Swim the Forth" challenge, which helped us raise over £6,000 for a local cancer charity.

SWIMTAG gave our sales team a great new USP and it helped them convert lots of prospects who were excited by the idea of being able to track their swim during the sales tour. At the same time, retention of our "Swim Only" members also improved in the year after SWIMTAG was installed, due to it's popularity.

Over 3 years later, members still have the same enthusiasm for SWIMTAG, with the Swim Rio Challenge and the Loch Ness swim proving as popular as ever and I would recommend it to any pool looking to get more people swimming more often!

Darlington Council Logo 

Paul Soderman

Leisure Programming Officer - Darlington Borough Council

We first installed SWIMTAG as part of a pilot project which was partly funded by the ASA, so we had the kit in our pool for a year before we had to make a decision on whether to purchase it or not. Once we saw the benefits and heard the feedback, keeping it was an absolute no-brainer and we had no hesitation in making it a permanent feature.

We have hundreds of members who use SWIMTAG regularly, many on a daily basis and they really love the stats that the website gives them. From a business point of view, we include the use of SWIMTAG within the cost of a membership, so it makes that membership all the more attractive and really adds to our offering. We also charge a small fee for non-members who wish to use SWIMTAG, which helps to generate additional income.

It really does help to get more people in the pool, so I would recommend SWIMTAG, not just to local authorities like us, but to all pools who are looking to offer more to their swimmers.

  info (@)


  Swimtag Nordic AS, Leitevegen 7, 5531.Haugesund, Norge



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